Elexon is keen to develop a positive working culture for our staff and for staff to be a large part of creating that experience.

It is through our culture that we aim to create an enjoyable working atmosphere that in turn leads to a productivity that meets our business objectives. We pride ourselves on enabling everyone to have a relaxed and professional working environment.

The view from the CEO

Mark Bygraves on culture at Elexon:

“We want to ensure that we all behave in a sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible manner while supporting our ambition, values, goals and business objectives. The culture is centred on Elexon’s five values and the behaviours that underpin them.”

The culture is centred on ELEXONs’ six values and the behaviours that underpin them.

Our Values


We foster a trusting, open and mutually supportive environment with value on diversity and integrity.


We have a desire to learn and know, actively seeking out information to provide better solutions for our customers.


We work together as one team, sharing knowledge for the benefit of Elexon and our customers.


We continuously seek to improve; to be efficient, effective and economic in everything we do to meet the needs of our customers.


We are dynamic and flexible in our approach and innovative in the development of solutions.

Equality and diversity

Diverse Elexon logo

At Elexon we value a diverse and inclusive working environment. We know that finding the best talent means hiring a range of people with different backgrounds and experience. We’re also fully committed to ensuring that all our staff and potential staff are always treated fairly and equally.

As an employer, we are welcoming to people of all identities, beliefs and expressions and believe that a positive understanding towards our staff will help them feel comfortable when at work.

At Elexon, we also pride ourselves on being able to make any reasonable adjustments as required by the Equality Act. We feel that our open-plan office environment is already able to meet most peoples’ needs, but we are also mindful of tailoring our space for staff that may have other requirements not already catered for.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Between 2017-19 Elexon raised more than £8,600 for the two charities chosen by our staff, Guide Dogs for the Blind and Alzheimer’s Society.

At the beginning of January 2020, we started a three year partnership with two charities, Cancer Research UK and the Mental Health Foundation (also chosen by Elexon staff). Between January 2020 and January 2021 we aim to raise over £1,500 for each charity through various fundraising activities.

As well as supporting the charities through fundraising we encourage our employees to use volunteering days, or to participate individually in charitable activities. From running marathons to charity boxing matches and cycling, our staff are frequently willing to raise money for both the company’s chosen charities and personal causes. Elexon will also contribute £100 to a charity of your choice if you are involved in raising money for them.

Staff volunteering

If you are a permanent member of staff, or on a 12 month fixed contract, Elexon will support you to take two Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) days per year. You can use these days for schemes you are already involved in or ask the Elexon community team works to help you look for charitable schemes that may interest you.


We seek to ensure that all our suppliers and vendors follow ethical practices. This includes considering their values, CSR and environmental practices. We actively look to raise awareness of CSR and influence the practices of our own suppliers. We also insist that contractors pay their staff at least the London Living Wage.

We require continuous improvements in CSR from our existing service providers and suppliers. This includes early adoption of new technologies, staying informed and implementing any new requirements resulting from legislation changes. Through our marketplace and commercial activities, we are committed to exceeding our legal, moral and corporate obligations to our customers, suppliers and Elexon employees.

Helping our colleagues develop their career

We generate and preserve value over the longer term by continuing to focus on developing our people’s expertise. This is so we can build capability in the business as we gain a better understanding of the skills our people need to perform in a rapidly changing energy market. It also means we are helping staff to develop in their career and improving Elexon’s contribution to energy market challenges.


We provide staff with clear guidance on how we manage our impact on the environment in our day-to-day work activities.

We aim to reduce our environmental impact through staff awareness campaigns, and by monitoring our energy consumption and recycling our waste. We also offer staff opportunities to use environmentally friendly means of transport. This includes our cycle to work scheme, where Elexon employees can spread the cost of purchasing a new bike through salary contributions.

In our office we use smart metering technology to help us identify where we can make energy savings. By using lighting controls, managing the running times of air conditioning units and turning off IT equipment, when it is not in use, we are reducing our bills. We made instant savings on our bills after installing these controls in 2017 and since then we have been working to make additional savings. The energy supply to Elexon’s office is 100% renewable and our office has an A+ rating for energy efficiency.


As a business, we believe our people are our greatest asset, and we depend on the skills and commitment that they bring to the organisation.

During 2019/20, Elexon people undertook targeted training to allow them to improve and acquire new skills and build their capacity to respond to the rapidly changing energy market. We will maintain our focus on developing our people’s expertise. It is important for building new capabilities in the business such as advanced analytics and insights, artificial intelligence, data science and modelling. This is particularly important for our digital platform delivery, where we have already brought in people with new skills.

We have recently appointed a Chief People Officer as part of the Executive team. We aim to continue to attract and retain highly skilled staff in order to assure delivery of our industry leading customer service, robust processes and systems. The CPO will lead our people strategy work to meet these objectives.

We recognise that to provide a great place to work, we need to retain our focus on health, well-being, flexible working and personal development. The support we offer to staff includes promoting advice from the Mental Health Foundation and our Employee Assistance Programme. We ran awareness campaigns on these for staff during 2019/20. All Elexon staff have been working from home since 13 March 2020, following the impact of COVID-19.

We did not furlough any of our staff and nor have we used any of the Government support schemes. We have been reassessing our ways of working to ensure that we support staff in continuing to deliver our services to the same standard.

Our initiatives have included:

  • Staff well-being surveys during the lockdown
  • Setting up a dedicated section of our staff intranet related to COVID-19
  • Advice and support on working from home
  • Regular updates from our executive team, through “Webtalks” on how Elexon is managing the impact of the outbreak and keeping staff fully informed of our return to office plan

More information about Corporate Social Responsibility

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