Each year we run an anonymous staff survey so that we can find out how our staff feel about working at Elexon and whether there are any improvements we can introduce to Elexon.

The results are presented to our Executive team who are taken through the data and discuss the conclusions and any potential actions. The survey is also presented directly to Elexon staff at an all staff meeting which allows staff the opportunity to see the data and ask any questions.

This approach ensures that the process is open and transparent and that the Executive take actions for meeting any feedback that has raised issues or suggested improvements.

Employee survey

Latest survey results

Elexon’s latest annual survey took place in late 2019.

The following is a summary of some of the positive results:

  • 86% of staff are enthusiastic about the work they do
  • 85% say the people they work with go out of their way to help each other
  • 84% say they can rely on their line manager to give them the support they need to do a good job

We are keen to ensure that we are transparent in any areas where improvements are needed and the Executives are tasked with identifying how they can address any issues our staff have highlighted.

Anonymising the results

Our staff survey is currently carried out by EmployeeFeedback who collate the results and remove any information that can identify individual members of staff.

By anonymising the survey results before they are presented to the Executives we aim to encourage all our staff to feel confident in giving any feedback they feel is important about how Elexon is run.

Reviews from other channels

We use a number of external recruitment websites such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn. We encourage current staff and prospective candidates to write reviews about Elexon on our Glassdoor site.

We have also published access to our current Employee Survey Results on Glassdoor as part of our policy of transparency for those interested in work at Elexon.